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Let’s open museum doors for change


Museums around the world want to keep up with the times. How to stay relevant? How to resonate with various target groups? How to implement innovations in the museum sector? In which technologies and solutions does it make sense to invest?

Future Museum, the MUSEUM BOOSTER research project with international research partners, aims at helping museums apply cutting-edge know-how in their strategic planning. The Future Museum community brings together museums and cultural leaders, public authorities, innovators and suppliers in the exchange of ideas, experiences, and benchmarks.




With the input of leading applied research organisations, an exclusive circle of cultural leaders collaborate to identify and implement key trends in the museum sector. Three tangible benefits for project partners are:

  • substantive research

receive reliable research & analyses of key trends which can be used for strategic initiatives

  • practical solutions

identify useful strategies for key challenges museums face

  • valuable collaboration

work together with key players in the museum field & share cost-saving synergies


Sofia Widmann

Sofia Widmann

Managing Director

Tel.: +43 664 60969175

Olga Tykhonova

Olga Tykhonova

Head of Strategic Development

Tel.: +43 664 466 48 69