• Museums

    Access to a leading-edge network of research institutes, public authorities, donors, suppliers and first mover museums in terms of innovation

    Identification of strategic partners and formation of collaborations for the implementation of specific projects

    Exchange and discussion of experiences and promising practices

    Possibility to implement and test selected innovations

    Gathering impulses for the development and implementation of innovative solutions

  • Suppliers

    Implementation of demo-projects as showcases on an international level

    Strategic business development and positioning within the future market of innovative museums

    Strategic enhancement of own portfolio of products and services

    Accessing the global market of museums with a comprehensive and systemic approach

    Identification of synergies between museums, industry & research and exploitation of potentials for cooperation

  • Other stakeholders

    Among the other stakeholders are donors, public authorities, consultants, exhibition organisers, conference organisers, research institutions and other private and public institutions

    Networking with leading museums and suppliers

    Getting insights into key trends shaping museum world

    Formulating specific research topics which will enhance the know-how of the involved stakeholders

spreading ideas

The research results will be in a form of briefing documents and reports. Communication between project partners and project management will take place primarily in the form of regular e-mails, compressed reports, and briefings on ongoing projects and developments.

Partners can actively shape research topics and scope. Project meetings will take place regularly every four months to discuss interim results and to define further orientation.

  • Video & photo documentation
  • Events
  • Emails
  • Reports
  • Meetings
  • Online platform

Project Financing

Future Museum is collectively financed by all network partners. Two representatives are foreseen for major and medium-sized organisations, one for small organisations.
Please contact project organisers for detailed information.

  • Major enterprises & museums
  • Medium enterprises & museums
  • Start-ups & small museums