Box of museum chocolates

A pilot project on new revenue sources for museums

In times where museums are looking for innovative ways to use digital content and explore digital revenue sources, the Future Museum research community is introducing its pilot project – the box of museum chocolates for kids.

Chocolates with a special filling

The box was inspired by the iconic movie Forrest Gump and the protagonist’s statement “Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get”. Unless in the movie where Forrest Gump holds out a real box to his interlocutors at the bench offering true chocolates, our box is meant in a metaphorical way and the pralinés are not made out of real chocolate, but have a special filling. The box is a digital assortment of little experiences, stories, activities and titbits of information provided by the Future Museum project partners for a small price. Every single praline is unique and a digestible experience responding to the natural fantasy and curiosity of children (and even grown-ups).

In each “Box of Museum Chocolates” you will find a selection of different experiences such as: online games, instructions for experiments, online tours with a specific focus, instructions for DIY artworks, digital scavenger hunts and podcasts targeted at different age groups.

A new way to create digital revenue

The main challenges of creating monetizable online offers are (1) stunning digital content often requires a sizable amount of investment, (2) many members of the museum community are not yet at home in the digital world, (3) visitors are reluctant to spend money for something they expect to get for free. As the digital experience of music, film and publishing industries showed in the last decade, the financial results are often rooted in high numbers of users, not in high cost per user. Museums need to grasp the new opportunities the digital world offers, combining it with the mission of museums: bringing the sensation of curiosity and discovery to people. In order to entice visitors to spend money on digital content, the project offers three main ingredients: (1) low barriers, i.e. a low price point, (2) a fun, playful approach, (3) creating a sense of FOMA – fear of missing out.

Preparation and launch of the project

The first trial phase of the boxes of chocolates starts with the Creative Days Vienna (5 & 6 May 2021) organised by the Vienna Business Agency where they are incorporated into the programme to entertain kids while their parents are attending the online workshops and talks. After the trial phase, MUSEUM BOOSTER will be on the outlook for possible promotion partners. If you are interested in collaborating with us, do not hesitate to send us a mail!