Online Meeting 2 June

Finally, we can reveal more details about our online meeting on 2 June 2020. The focus of the online meeting was on the following two primary research questions:

(1) How to communicate with visitors before, during and after the museum visit?
(2) Which methods work best for ticketing and access control?

Fraunhofer IAO presented the research results on the best ways to communicate with visitors before, during and after the museum visit, which were examined with the help of the visitor journey model, and on innovative methods for ticketing & access control. Furthermore, Fraunhofer IAO has developed a visitor and non-visitor survey which will be conducted starting this August to collect valuable information about visitor behaviour.

MUSEUM BOOSTER delved into how other institutions worldwide were tackling these topics and gathered best practice cases, which were presented during the meeting. Experts in these fields were invited as speakers and shared their experiences and inputs.

Thanks to all the speakers for their inspiring presentations and valuable insights:

Seb Chan / Australian Centre for the Moving Image
Peter Stolzlederer & Manfred Moormann / A1 Telekom Austria
Henry Muccini / University of L’Aquila
Marc Merpillat & Norbert Stockmann / SecuTix
Lutz Henke & Lars Sievers / visitBerlin
Augustin Pagenot / Centre Pompidou
Äigidus Lackner / SKIDATA