Online Meeting II September

Our Future Museum Online Meeting II has come to an end after two days of interesting presentations, podium discussions and workshops on 28 & 29 September 2020. This meeting focused on the following two research questions:

(1) How can museums be better linked to other touristic and/or city infrastructure stakeholders?

(2) How can dynamic pricing, revenue & yield management be used in museums?

Fraunhofer IAO and MUSEUM BOOSTER presented the research results and gave an update on the visitor and non-visitor survey, which have been developed by Fraunhofer IAO over the last few months. Invited experts gave deeper insights into solutions from other sectors.

Thanks to all the speakers for their inspiring presentations and valuable insights:

Vanessa Borkmann, Head of Future Museum Research of Fraunhofer-Institut für Arbeitswirtschaft und Organisation
Daniela Kolesa, Director Destination Management, Vienna Tourist Board
Gianluca Camaggio, Sales Manager, Barcelona Tourism
Brendan Crain, Project Manager, NYC Culture Pass, Brooklyn Public Library
Helena Egan, Co-Founder, Planet Egan Ltd
Christopher Hinteregger, Managing Director, PKF hotelexperts Christoph Hoffmann, CEO & Partner, 25hours Hotels
Klaus Kohlmayr, Chief Evangelist, IDeaS Revenue Solutions
Elfi Maier, Managing Director, revenuefocus
Dr. Tom Schößler, Managing Director, Weserburg Museum für moderne Kunst
Dennis Stolze, Head of Cognitive Environments, Fraunhofer IAO
Olga Tykhonova, Research Curator, MUSEUM BOOSTER
Jacob Voss, Director of Revenue Strategy, 3 Mohren Hotel – Preferred Hotel
Sofia Widmann, Managing Partner, MUSEUM BOOSTER