Future Museum Phase III

Future Museum aims at helping museums apply cutting-edge know-how in their strategic planning. The Future Museum community brings together museum and cultural leaders, public authorities, innovators, and suppliers in the exchange of ideas, experiences, and benchmarks. The research project was launched in 2019 and continues until today.


The research phase 2024/2026 focuses on the question of vision and relevance of museums, including three main fields:

Audience Development

What are the key factors and experiences contributing to visitors developing a strong emotional connection with museums, and how can museums leverage these elements to cultivate lifelong relationships with their audiences?


Cross-sector Development

What are the most effective strategies for museums and science centres to engage local businesses and entrepreneurs in developing and promoting circular economy practices aligned with the doughnut economics model to create more sustainable, resilient, and equitable communities?

Digitalisation & Management

How might museums effectively implement dynamic pricing strategies for admissions, memberships, and special events, leveraging real-time data and demand patterns to optimise revenue generation while maintaining accessibility for diverse audiences?

*Note: the research questions will be finalised together with the Future Museum project partners.


  • Trend reports & scenarios

    At the end of each sprint package, reports and alternative future scenarios will be shared, aiding in strategic foresight and planning.

  • Case cards

    Innovative approaches from various sectors will be profiled for cross-industry learning.

  • Toolkit development

    A comprehensive toolkit, including mindset, heartset, toolset, and skillset templates, will be developed to aid in your strategic planning.

  • White papers

    In-depth analyses and insights will be documented for your reference and application.


A glimpse into our first physical meeting

at SMK National Gallery of Denmark