Future Museum Phase I

The Future Museum Project Phase I (2019-2021) was launched in December 2019 by MUSEUM BOOSTER with Fraunhofer IAO. The offi­cial kick-off meeting took place in Berlin. Over the course of two years, a group of 26 museums, including Guggenheim Bilbao, Kun­sthistorisches Museum Vienna, Munch Museet, and Swiss National Museum, as well as other stakeholders from seven countries collaborated to identify key trends for museums, define present and future challenges as well as to evaluate possible technological and organisational solutions.

Online and onsite meet­ings, workshops, connections, and knowledge transfer from research into practice took place. Invited experts from the museum field included Max Hollein (Director, The Metro­politan Museum of Art), Catherine Devine (Global Business Strategy Leader – Libraries & Museums, Microsoft), Jane Alexander (Chief Digital Information Officer, Cleveland Mu­seum of Art), Seb Chan (Chief Experience Officer, Australi­an Centre for the Moving Image), and others.


Primary research questions, tackled in research phase I

  • How can museums be better linked to tourist and/or city infrastructure stakeholders?
  • How can museums reach new target markets? How to attract repeat/regular visitors? How to generally attract more visitors?
  • How can museums become better storytellers?
  • How to communicate with visitors before, during and after the museum visit?
  • Which digital strategies make sense in a museum and how can they enhance analogue formats?
  • How can dynamic pricing, revenue & yield management be used in museums?
  • At which stage of the visitor journey can visitor data be collected and used in a meaningful way?
  • Which ideas and tools are available for effective museum management?
  • How should a museum’s architecture & design reflect shifting expectations by visitors?
  • What are ideas for new exhibition design & new exhibition formats?
  • How can augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), electronic displays and projections enhance the visitor experience in new ways?
  • Which methods work best for ticketing & access control?

Project Partners Phase I