Future Museum Phase II

Future Museum, the MUSEUM BOOSTER research project with international research partners, aims at helping museums apply cutting-edge know-how in their strategic planning. The Future Museum community brings together museum and cultural leaders, public authorities, innovators, and suppliers in the exchange of ideas, experiences, and benchmarks. The research project was launched in 2019 and continues until today.


The research phase 2022/2023 focuses on the question of relevance and vision of museums, including three main fields:

Audience Development

What makes a museum visit interesting for different audiences? The focus on visitors has become increasingly important for museums and their strategic planning. Engaging with visitors both onsite and online is a vital part of the overall museum experience. 


Crossmedia Development

Digitalisation enables new working fields within muse­ums when it comes to architectural planning, creation of exhibitions or innovative educational programmes. How can digitalisation in combination with storytelling and emotion design enhance the visitor experience? Bearing this in mind, which workflows have to be established in the museum?

Digitalisation & Management

The organisational setup in museums has to respond to accelerating digitalisation. Digital strategy, data collection & analysis, as well as monetisation of digital content are essential parts of modern museums. What is the best way to proceed in this direction?

*Note: the research questions will be finalised together with the Future Museum project partners.


  • Reports

    The research results are brought together in written form.

  • Presentations, executive summaries, and keynote presentations

    Every three months, MUSEUM BOOSTER will present the research results to the project partners at two-day meetings in different European cities or in an online format. This will be followed by discussions during the meeting (allowing for feedback and keynote presentations or additional insights from museums, technology companies, software developers, exhibition designers, tourism authorities, donors, and other stakeholders involved). The executive summaries will be sent out in advance of the meeting.

  • Best-practice visits

    Organised tours to selected sites relevant for the research questions – e.g. AI laboratories, 3d printing studios, museums, AR/VR showrooms.

  • Workshops

    Presentations by external specialists on selected topics will be included in the programme of the meetings and beyond.

  • Satellite projects

    Institutions opting to implement certain solutions may cooperate selectively within the Future Museum project.



For an impression of our working atmosphere: 

Future Museum I: kick-off meeting in Berlin
December 2019

Future Museum II: meeting in Vienna
September 2021

Future Museum II: meeting in Vienna
May 2022